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How to Do Business in a New Way

Deb has over 40 years experience in Business, Administration, Finance & Coaching!

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Service Description

Deb's perspective on business seems to emphasize a holistic and human-centered approach, shifting away from a purely analytical and transactional mindset. Here are some key themes from her perspective: 1. **Love and Compassion:** Deb emphasizes the importance of approaching business with love and compassion. This could mean building meaningful relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners, and fostering a positive and supportive work environment. 2. **Wholehearted Engagement:** The idea of having "all your feet in the business" suggests a wholehearted and committed approach. Instead of just going through the motions, Deb encourages individuals to be fully present and engaged in their business activities. 3. **Integrity and Honesty:** Ethical conduct is highlighted through the emphasis on integrity and honesty. This implies a commitment to transparency and ethical decision-making, even when faced with challenges. 4. **Sharing and Collaboration:** The concept of sharing suggests a collaborative and inclusive approach to business. It could involve sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities, fostering a sense of community within the business ecosystem. 5. **Passion:** Deb underscores the significance of passion in business. This implies that individuals should be driven by a genuine enthusiasm for what they do, which can fuel creativity, innovation, and a strong work ethic. 6. **New Ways of Being:** The mention of being in business in a "new way" suggests a departure from traditional or conventional approaches. This could involve embracing innovation, adapting to changing circumstances, and being open to unconventional solutions. By incorporating these values and attitudes into business practices, Deb seems to be advocating for a more human-centric and values-driven approach that goes beyond mere financial metrics. This perspective aligns with the growing trend of businesses incorporating social responsibility, ethics, and purpose into their core values.

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  • 5 Prudence Place, Meridan Plains QLD, Australia

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